SKINNYFATTIES Launches Campaign For New Line Of Ties

Queers, one of my company crunches SKINNYFATTIES is working to launch their own line of beautiful ties!

Their gorgeous work is based on the premise of converting old fat ties into skinny ones. I’ve seen people rock wide ties (fierce femmes in particular, Annie Hall style) but for the most part, 2.5 is the widest I’m able to go. Within 10 days you can ship your “outdated” ties to them in New York and get a beautifully tailored one back. They have an Indiegogo campaign enable them to place a larger order for their initial inventory, in turn lowering the overall cost of the ties.

While we’re on the subject, I experienced the trinity knot live and in person last night with this beautiful stud in silver. Just another example of the things you can try with your growing tie collection:


Beelinda Fox, menswear specialist

A portion of sales from SKINNYFATTIES goes straight to Career Gear, an organization that helps low income men re-enter the workforce, a large portion of whom are LGBTQ. SKINNYFATTIES founder Joshua Adam Brueckner told, “As an out and proud business owner, I partner and develop relationships with organizations and companies whose values align with my own.”

Learn more about the SKINNYFATTIES Indiegogo campaign here: