Slim/Fitted Petite Pants

Anonymous asked: Hi! I’m pretty short (4’11”) and want to find straight slim/fitted but not skinny pants for the fall.

"My height eliminates the possibility of shopping from men’s (unless I just haven’t looked hard enough) and all the womens’/petites’ pants are either boot cut or skinny. Is there any possibility of me finding pants with the fit I want? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

You’re in luck. Go to J.Crew or Banana Republic. Both have slim straight pants in womens that are awesome. If that doesn’t work, have you tried the boys’ section? I hate to suggest such a thing, but pants for them could work for you.

Bennet Chino, available at J. Crew for $79.50

Broken-in straight cords, available at Banana Republic for $49.95

Corduroy Pants, available at H&M Boys for $24.95

Sonia says:

Very similar to the ones at Banana Republic, Gap has some Broken-in straight khakis that are in a boy fit. I fucking love them. I just bought 3 pairs.

Broken-in straight khakis, available at Gap for $41.99 (Prices vary depending on color) 25% off through 9/9

Also, tailoring is always an option for men’s pants that are too long, or women’s pants that you want less tapered. Check out Blake’s pants tailoring tips. She wrote them about plus sizes in particular, but the same rule would apply to anyone.

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