Sonny and Ashley's Picks: Favorite Watches

Looking for a new watch? Our picks — ranging from $65 to $380 — will give you some ideas on adding some statement to you rocking outfit. From sporty to sleek to classic, these brands are the ones that inspire our fashion aesthetics.

1. 666 Barcelona, Colour Triple Time Zone ($170)


Comfortable and durable. Every time I look at it I feel like I’m diving into a sea of beauty. Every time people ask me what the other time zones are set to, I pretend to have clients in Australia and Japan. You can see me wearing this minimalist triple timezone gem here.

2. Rosendahl Flemming Bo Hansen QA Analog Plain Face Wrist Watch ($380)


As simple as it gets. Can you read it? Doesn’t even matter.

3. G-shock, Classic Casino ($110)

The ultimate sport watch. Some inner working are actually floating inside to shell so that it can absorb shock. The thing apparently never breaks, so it’s a good bet if you like to skateboard/snowboard/bike/swim/throw yourself off planes. See Ashley sporting it here.

4. Braun ($235)

A sleek square face giving you some personality but away from the limelight. Featured in this post.

5. Diesel ($295)


If badass means having a watch that tells time 4 different ways, I want in!

6. Tikkr ($65)


Simple, comfy, and lots of colors with exchangeable bands! Wonderfully unisex. See me in it.

7. Rolex Submariner (don’t ask)


It’s always nice to dream.

What are your favorite watches? Leave it in the comments.

As Qwear's Founding Editor, Sonny’s work centers around envisioning a future in which the clothing people wear does not dictate their chances of survival. Sonny was awarded 2015 dapperQ of the Year and was the first trans blogger to be sponsored by Topman. In March 2016, Sonny spoke at South by South West's first official queer fashion panel.