Sonny's Pocket Square Round-up and Pro-Tips



My round-ups happened with socks and bow ties, boi bags, so I figure it’s time for my latest obsession: pocket squares. Pocket squares don’t need to be only for special occasions. I usually stick one in my back pocket or breast pocket just to add a dash of color or pattern. My more femme friend wears it around her neck like a bandana with dresses. A must-have item for any queer, in my opinion. Okay, first for the pro-tips:

1. Your Pocket Square should contrast your tie with one element tying them together. Usually that element is color.

2. You can and should put a pocket square in any available pocket! See this post about that.

3. Don’t want to spend all your money on pre-made pocket squares? You can make your own. Here is a DIY Whipstitch Pocket Square Tutorial, and here’s another standard tutorial. The only downside is that you won’t get the special edge around the pocket square that many pre-made ones have.

4. Don’t know how to fold it? This site walks you through every fold from the basics to exotic.

5. Just like other outfit elements, pocket square fabrics will vary from season to season. In the summer, you’ll want a lighter fabric to match your clothes, like cotton, linen, or silk. In the winter you’ll want heavier fabrics, like wool or a heavier cotton. Today I’m showing you squares that are good for summer.

6. Avoid The Tie Bar. Okay, I’m coming out and saying it. You guys, I don’t like The Tie Bar. The quality of their ties just feels really low to me! So I assume their pocket squares are the same. I prefer shopping in vintage stores and department store sale racks. That’s where the high quality stuff is for about the same price.

Now for my favs:

Handmade Paisley Pocket Square

Handmade Paisley Pocket Square, White, at Neiman Marcus for $15

Bandana Pocket Square

Bandana Pocket Square, at J.Crew for $49

Tipped Linen Pocket Square

A tipped pocket square gives a really nice pop when doing the square fold to show the edges, as shown here! Tipped Linen Pocket Square, at J.Crew for $45

Cotton Pocket Square

Cotton Pocket Square, $19.50 at Nordstrom

Ivy Prepster Camo Pocket Square

Ivy Prepster Camo Pocket Square, $42 at Nordstrom

Silk Paisley Pocket Square

Silk Paisley Pocket Square, $49.50 at J.Crew

Bicycle Cotton Pocket Square

Bicycle Cotton Pocket Square, $75 at Ben Silver

Glen Check Reversible Pocket Square

I’m throwing a curve ball, but pocket circles are a thing now. Edward Armah Mini Dot/ Glen Check Reversible Pocket Circle, $75 at Read up about them here, along with folding instructions.