Style Profile: Alex Jones, Little Rock, Arkansas

Today we are featuring Alex Jones, a southern butch queen who works in mental health after completing a double degree in psychology and social work at Southern Arkansas University.

Being raised in the central Arkansas area, Alex spent the majority of his adulthood in Maryland because he felt that the south was a tad bit too constricting, especially when it came to gender norms. He feels that had he never moved, he would have never been empowered enough to live in his truth and dress exactly how he wants. 

He feels that in a world conditioned to be one dimensional, being chained down by your fears of what the world may think is an absolute injustice to your overall well being. His advice? Be you like no one is watching. 

To find more of Alex online, check out his instagram at @_Phinalkut_


Butch Queen Realness

Walmart Red leather pants / ASOS "curve" Black Tee / tribal blazer unknown / SYRO Black leather "George" chelsea heels




90s Throwback

Multicolored bomber thrifted, ASOS "curve"  Black Tee / Walmart jeggings / SYRO Black leather "George" chelsea heels


Curious "George"

ASOS "curve" Tan leather biker jacket, / Forever21 "plus" olive pants / ASOS "curve"  floral tee / SYRO Black leather "George" chelsea heels  


How do you think your friends would define your style?
One word, "SLAY". 

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?
Has to be my favorite pair of heels from , they're named George. 

What’s your biggest style challenge?
Finding clothes that compliment my body type. The majority of my clothing are purchased from the female section and it can be a bit challenging when you're extremely broad.

Who’s your style icon?
Rihanna for sure, she makes anything look amazing. 

Where did you grow up & where do you live now?
Grew up in a small southern town called Lonoke here is the natural state of Arkansas. I currently reside in Little Rock, Arkansas.