Suit Vests Made for the Queers

Anonymous asked: "I’m genderqueer, and present on the masculine side of androgynous. i would love to rock the suit vest look, but i’m apple-shaped with a small chest, and getting a vest that’s big enough for my tummy means the chest is way huge.

"Are there any retailers that make androgynous vests for the female-bodied that downplay the curves, or is tailoring my only option?"

There are two brands I know of that make vests specifically for people who want to downplay their curves. The Butch Clothing Company, based in England, custom-makes suits for female bodied people looking for men’s style suits. Shaz Riley, the founder, travels a lot to meet with clients, but she also does Skype consultations. Marimacho is a brand based out of Brooklyn that makes lifesaving clothes based off of timeless menswear pieces.

The Brooklyn Vest, available at Marimacho for $115.The perfect complement to our blazer, our vest helps create a masculine shape while minimizing the appearance of a larger chest. Like our blazer, it features an outer-shell comprised of lightweight herringbone wool, full silk lining in our signature cog print, and metal buttons in an antique finish.”

The Butch Clothing Company custom-makes each piece, giving you a choice of fabric, lining color, buttons, etc. Here is one of their pieces. Waistcoats alone start at £200 (approx. $322)

Otherwise, I would suggest tailoring. Find a vest that fits your tummy, and then have a tailor take in the upper part, most likely on the side seam. Good luck!

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