Submission: Katherine

Sweater: Vintage Women’s Lacoste via my Grandma
Crew Neck: Men’s Banana Republic via Goodwill
Pants: Standard Cloth Men’s Chinos via Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Men’s size 8 Bruno Valenti’s via Goodwill
The Hawaiian/Paris themed patio: priceless….. 

Submitted by:

They write: “Hello Qwear! My name is Katherine and I am currently living in Portland, Maine, after recently graduating from Mount Holyoke College. I wore this particular outfit to a final interview for Portland Trading Company (check us out on facebook! Though we go beyond retail, there are moves in the works to bring non-conforming classic clothing styles to fit all varieties of bodies!) 

My tumblr page,, is called Thenowill (Then-now-will). It is a safe space for me to sort through my past, present, and future thoughts that reach far beyond my own comprehension.”