Sweaters Over Collared Shirts: Pro Tips

Anonymous asked: "hi, I absolutely adore the classic “sweater over a collared shirt” look- casual-cute yet professional enough to go to work in. However, every time I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work and I just end look looking frumpy, so I’m thinking maybe my sweater/shirts are too big or too cheaply made or something like that. I know it’s a classic layering technique that tons of people of different shapes/sizes pull off all the time, so i know i’m the one doing something wrong. any tips?"

PRO-TIP: Tuck in your under shirt and collared shirt. Often, the frumpiness is from wrinkled shirt tails or undershirts. Tuck these babies in and you’re on way…

PRO-TIP 2: Fit, fit, fit. Whatever look you’re going for, make sure the fit of whatever you’re wearing conveys it. If you want to look professional and put together, a conservative but tailored-looking outfit will serve you well. If you want butch/dyke, a looser more layered look will convey that. If you want femme, shoot for thinner materials and an even tighter fit, with a few buttons undone.

PRO-TIP 3: Find the best quality sweaters you can. This sounds silly, but sweaters are some of the best investments you can make (even if you buy everything at thrift stores), because they’re so versatile. (Sonia interjects: It’s so true. I got these sweaters from H&M that kinda stretched out and make me feel frumpy. They just don’t fit that great. The ones I own that I spent $10 more for are wayy nicer!)

PRO-TIP 4: Pair the sweater/collared shirt combo with a blazer or jean jacket to round out the outfit. You’ll look like swag city. Trust me.