Tell it to a Butch on KVRX + Behind the Scenes Pics!

Last Tuesday night, March 26th, at 8pm CST, dapperQ contributor Joelle Zigman and I did a special one-off edition of the KVRX (student-run radio from the University of Texas at Austin) advice talk show, Tell it to a Girl, called Tell it to a Butch.

We answer questions about engagement rings, what to wear to prom, coming out to your mother, and how to do animal prints right. Conclusion? Butches make everrrrything better. Disclaimer: every time I pause it’s because I’m looking for an alternative word to “faggy.” Thanks so much for having me, Joelle!

Additionally, our Three Leaves Menswear videoshoot last Sunday in Brooklyn went really well! Here are some behind-the-scenes photo with me, our tailoring consultant The Handsome Butch, and Phoenix Velásquez (Autostraddle writer). Many thanks to dapperQ for setting it up! My favorite part of the day was tripping and falling into THB’s arms. (Wait, day? My favorite part of this whole week.) 


This is my “I’m not completely dying of joy being next to you right now,” pose.

I have some more updates coming your way soon, so stay tuned!


Sonny Pretend-Butch Oram