The American Dream Can Be For Lesbians Too

The red white and blue logo and color scheme through-out Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes demonstrates the invented vision of The American Dream. 

Why do I wear something that promotes and idolizes the image of white preppy straight people as the American Ideal? Maybe I’m taking the Cosby approach to ending discrimination by saying, ”I can be just like you, but my own way.” Or maybe I just happen to like the styles. I can’t help but feel the irony of my fashion decisions; here I am, a dyke wearing a shirt intended for teenage boys having barbeques on their family’s back decks. Next thing you know I’ll be waitressing in the nearby burger shack for the “experience,” playing basketball in my neighbor’s driveway, and kicking it back with Pringles and MTV. Happy 4th of July!


Glasses: Adrienne Vittadini
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (Macy’s boys 8-12 department)
Watch: Tikkr