The Art of Thrifting (Part 1 of 2): Mapping Thriftpectations

I am a somewhat compulsive thrifter. My love of the thrift has grown out of a long-time addiction to tarnished gold/90’s grunge/worn-down wool and financial necessity. Now there’s no going back. While I have a petite, curvy frame, I’ve learned to thrift for a variety of bodies. The culmination of my efforts will soon result in the launch of Prospect, a body-positive online vintage store, this winter. Most of the clothes I’m featuring in part 2 will be sold at Prospect so keepyoureyespeeled. (Sonia adds: I’ll let ya know when the launch happens!) 

Until then, in the spirit of Holiday gift-giving and self-love, I’m going to break down some fashion-thrifty-how-to’s.


1. Map out your thriftspectations before entering the store.

What are you looking to find? How much are you willing to spend on one item? How much are you willing to spend total? Don’t be too hard on yourself, but establish guidelines. That way, when you’ve got a cart full of glittery bowties, you’ll be able to step back and say. One. I will take one.

That being said… when you find something splurge-worthy. (if you can afford to…) SPLURGE. It feels so good! Really nice dress shoes. Outerwear. Something that makes you feel incredible. I have a 1950’s tea dress that makes my heart sing. I spent $65.00 on it and I feel no shame.

2. Wear long johns!

Most thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms. Wear an under layer of clothes (undershirt and leggings/gym shorts) so that you can easily try things on in the store. How else will you know if you like it?

3. Be realistic.

Will you wear this item? Will the person you’re buying for wear this item? More than once? Does the item make you feel good, or are you settling?

Understandably, a lot of folks get overwhelmed by the volume of clothes and then look in all the wrong places. I’ve seen many “I’ll- wear-it-for-something?” shrugs from new-to-thrifting friends. I call these finds “joke items.” While I love rainbow astronaut pants as much as the next person, I’m more about reliable and inexpensive day-to-day looks.

Check back Friday 12/14 for thrift items to look out for, modeled by my friends!

By Guest Blogger, Sarah B.