The Future is Femme: Winter Coat Edition

Welcome to The Future is Femme, our new series where femmes share their favorite clothes, styles, and inspiration!

Winter is for many people the most difficult season for self expression. But these femmes know how to keep their style no matter the weather. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves under thick layers, but fur/faux fur seems to be a particularly popular choice this winter!

Here's what these fashionistas have to say about their favorite winter coats.

Mwende "FreeQuency" Katwiwa


"New Orleans doesn't get so cold often, so its the perfect style and warmth for it (and the hoodie is great)."

Coat from: The #JuaKali store Mwende runs (launching in 2018!)
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Photo credit: @kwesithethird

Alex Berg


"I love this coat because it’s my femme armor against the winter cold. It makes me feel confident and like I’m walking to the beat of my own funky drum among the sea of black winter coats in New York City. It’s from a brand that makes ethical alternatives to fur, so I also love that no animals were harmed in the name of fashion!"

Coat From: Unreal Fur
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Anita Dolce Vita


"The Jacket is BCBGMAXAZRIA, but I got it at a discount retailer called Boltons for under 70 bucks! The hood is detachable, and what you cannot see is that it’s mixed media: the body is gray wool and the arms are a 'puffy' olive green polyester. It matches with everything and is appropriate for three seasons — fall and spring with the hood removed."

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Sarah Moffat


"It’s super soft wool and bold color are exactly what I need on cold winter days, and it was designed by a talented fat, queer pal."

Coat from: Navabi
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Blessitt Shawn B.


"I found my fur at the only store that offers affordable home goods, full lash kits, and gourmet gummy bears in one place — Burlington Coat Factory.

As my childhood summers would come to an end, my family would embark on a day long trip of “school shopping” that always included a pitstop to the family-savings discount store. Despite a bounty of Honey Graham’s and SqueezIt’s during the commute, I would end the day feeling insecure and fully aware that no one was designing clothing with people like me in mind. At a time when Athletic B-boy’s and Justin Timberlake’s frosted curls were the craze, my voluptuous and stately build was met with constant rejection.

What a charming surprise to visit nearly 20 years later and find the perfect piece of High Femme Couture..."

Coat From: Burlington Coat Factory
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Photo credit: @emgursky on behalf of @the.chic.effect

Dasha Guyton


"I'm completely OBSESSED with this coat because it's light weight, yet warm, has an oversized hood that covers everything but my eyes and the print reminds me of my tribal Kiowa roots."

Coat From: Target
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"I feel like I get femme impostor syndrome a lot because, for me, my femme identity is mostly about gesture, expression, and personality as opposed to a more legible outward aesthetic that our society deems femme. The cool part about winter is that it kind of just turns us all into androgynous blobs, so it kind of takes away some of that fear that I'm not femme enough because my style is a pretty basic tight jeans and tees kind of vibe. I love this coat because it's completely on brand for me: androgynous with a rough edge, and like most of my wardrobe, black. And, I guess like the rest of my clothes, it's femme because it's mine and not because of what other people think about it."

Coat From: Carhartt
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Alysse Dalessandro


"I like this coat because it has a feather trim and a wrap waist. It's made from almost a felt-like woven material so it's cozy and still chic!"

Coat From: ELOQUII
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Sabine Maxine Lopez


"I purchased this coat at a Mercy Vintage sidewalk sale. It’s one of my fav shops in Oakland, CA. I love this coat because its vintage, I feel like an lioness when I wear it, and let’s face it: I love fur!"

Coat From: Mercy Vintage
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"I Got this coat from Forever 21 recently and been loving it since it’s my very first yellow coat. The color is so vibrant and so fun to wear!"

Coat From: Forever 21
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Cee Sando


"Fashion x function is my jam & this coat is exactly that; super luxurious plus super warm. Obviously, it is faux, but I love how the shine resembles my adorable Staffie's own pelt!" 

Coat From: (online exclusive)
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Sierra Cymone


"I’m trying to lower my carbon footprint by buying 2nd hand items (like this one) as much as possible and is everything I want my style to be in one piece!"

Coat From: Silverlake Flea Market
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"I love it cause it’s cozy. Feels like I’m wearing pajamas. It’s also incredibly warm."

Coat From: ASOS
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Photo Credit: Brit

Dez Davis 


"I love my coat because she offers up warmth and Grace — two qualities the Grand Mothers of my Family embodied while wearing their coats too. When I wear this coat, I am anchored to the same sense of style, Grace, and beauty that the women in my family embraced and passed down; which makes me feel a part of their legacy."

Coat From: Patty Wack Vintage
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