The Gayer The Merrier

Anonymous asked: I just found your blog yesterday and I love it! I’m a gay girl who likes to wear men’s tops but women’s jeans (ahaha), and I have short hair, and I don’t know if I would really label myself as “androgynous” but I guess I kind of am. I love men’s button-up shirts, but my problem is that for whatever reason, I feel really self-conscious about buttoning them up all the way to the top. I really want to, but I feel like that screams “GAY!” more than my wardrobe already does and I feel really awkward.

EMBRACE THE GAY. Let me show you some pictures of hotties that may possibly scream “gay” but I mean, they’re hot: Every submission eva!

People. If we spend so much time worrying about possibly fitting into a stereotype, we never get to see who we are. So what if you look gay? Some people look really straight, so you have the right! 

stacey london

Ewwwww she looks SO STRAIGHT

As Qwear's Founding Editor, Sonny’s work centers around envisioning a future in which the clothing people wear does not dictate their chances of survival. Sonny was awarded 2015 dapperQ of the Year and was the first trans blogger to be sponsored by Topman. In March 2016, Sonny spoke at South by South West's first official queer fashion panel.