The Handsome Butch Is Now Our Tailoring Expert

Y’all, Rae of The Handsome Butch is now our expert queer tailoring consultant. So send us all yer tailoring questions! 

If you live in or near NYC and want to get anything hand made with her, check out Bindle & Keep, or email her at

In addition to being an amazing human being, Rae used the word “abreast” in an email with me. I sooo need to use this word more often. 


I like to think that she’s sipping coffee while answering our questions. #holdittogethereveryone (from


Oh, was I saying something? 

Anonymous asked: Hello! I recently bought a vintage (1930s) tuxedo: The high-waisted pants fit well but need to be taken in, and the coat needs a bit of adjustment. I’d love to achieve a feminine-slanted androgynous look with the ensemble, a la Marlene Dietrich, but am unsure how to find a tailor I can trust with the work. (I’m in NYC.) Any advice on how best to describe what I want, or how to find the right tailor?

THB says: Yes! We’ve worked extensively with Laura & Melinda’s in the Lower East Side. I suggest you bring a few pictures of the exact fit and have them pin your tuxedo until you’re pleased with the mockup. Take special care to ensure the shoulders and jacket length are proportional with your frame. And be mindful that extensive alterations (especially the shoulders) can sometimes exceed the cost of the original suit.