The Qwear Masculine Pants For Wide Hips Round Up

A ton of you have asked about masculine pants and jeans recommendations lately, particularly for those with wide hips. This anon is not alone in their sentiments:

"Hi! I’m genderqueer and fat-ish and I have super wide hips and a big butt. I usually wear women’s skinny jeans, but I’m really more comfortable wearing men’s styles. I just haven’t been able to find men’s pants that don’t look ridiculous (basically if they’re big enough to fit over my hips and butt, they’re waaay too baggy everywhere else). This is especially annoying when I need to dress for formal occasions, since I’m pretty uncomfortable in women’s dress pants styles. Any advice?"

It’s been over a year since we posted about guy’s pants and fit, so I decided to compile a new list of all the brands we know of that might work for you. Thanks to all who have written in. If you’d like to add to this list, let me know and I will update it. - Sonny

American Eagle Skinny Khaki Pant”American Eagle has really excellent pants for people who are interested in hiding their hips/curves. i swear by their ‘skinny’ khaki pant, which comes in multiple colors. it’s also one of their shortest pants (at least, i think so) - meaning i only have to cuff them once or twice! also, if you subscribe to their email list/keep an eye out, you can get them for 30$ instead of 44$.” - Anonymous

American Eagle Slim Straight Jeans: ”I have a black pair and a distressed pair of the same jeans because they fit me so well. They aren’t carrying that exact fit anymore, but their Slim Straight fit look very similar. The Skinny ones would be another to try.” Courtney (quoted from this qweary)

Forever 21 Denim"Well-made (read: thicker) denim" - Sean

Gap Broken-in Straight Khaki, women’s:These pants have a totally masculine fit even though they are womens. The only downside is smaller pockets. Check them out on me here. - Sonny

J.Crew Broken-in Chino In Urban Slim Fit

Kitschen:"Queers in Singapore/Malaysia: I highly recommend Kitschen for coloured pants/jeans - they have stuff to fit boyish figures, but they also have great stuff for curvy people (like me) which looks pretty masculine/andro AND has good pockets, which are so hard to find for women’s pants. Prices are pretty affordable too!” -freegladelancer

Levi’s 513 Raw Denim: “They stretch to youuuuuu.” - Sean (check out this intro to raw denim!)

Levi’s men’s taper fit (508) and slim fit (511) jeans: "My 511s look straight and are a bit loose on me. They have pretty frequent sales online and they come in tons of sizes and washes!" - Courtney (quoted from this qweary)"Shipping is expensive, so they can run you anywhere from $70-$100 a pair, and they’re not designer quality or anything, but they fit me the way I want them to fit, which is more than I can say for almost every other pair of pants in the universe." - Bookmonkey5000 (pictures and full quote here)

Old Navy’s Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: ”They’re only $30 (they go on sale for $19 fairly frequently) and they come in short. After a couple of wears they’ll be straight and not skinny. However, if you want them to be straight on the first wear, buy a size up. If short is too long, you can cuff them or get them hemmed (get them hemmed if they’re more than 3 inches too long).” - Blake (quoted from this qweary)

Old Navy Men’s Skinny Jeans: “Old Navy carries men’s skinny jeans that actually fit really well for those of us who don’t like skin-tight jeans but also don’t like a wide leg. plus they’re pretty inexpensive, i picked up my last pair for $25.” - pugnubz

Tommy Hilfiger Chinos: Featured on Blake in this post’s cover photo 

Topman skinny and ultra skinny chinos, skinny or slim jeans: Read more here*

UNIQLO men’s legging jeans"I have a lot of trouble finding pants (even in the women’s section) because I have wide hips and a very narrow waist, but the UNIQLO jeans fit me PERFECTLY. (The ‘skinny’ cuts also fit, but are slightly too low-slung for my taste. YMMV, though.)" - queenieofaces [added 9/15/13]

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