The Unbuttoned Suit Vest

Anonymous asked: "Recently, i’ve been on the lookout for a vest and today i tried a couple on at h&m.

"they didn’t look great buttoned (because of the whole i have boobs issue) and for them to work for me i would have to get them tailored. they looked alright unbuttoned though, and i was just wondering if you had any tips for the unbuttoned vest look. thanks!"

PROTIP: Make sure everything else you’re wearing is well-fitted for you. Make sure your shirt isn’t too big or your pants aren’t too tight.

Unbuttoned Suit Vest

(Fourteen photoshoot with Patty Nash Photography)

PROTIP: Look super dapper everywhere else. You want people to know you’re purposefully not buttoning your vest.

Unbuttoned Suit Vest


PROTIP: You’re great! ROCK IT.

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