Timberland's Construction Behind Eco-Friendly Fashion

 Timberland's solar array at their d istribution  center in Ontario, CA

Timberland's solar array at their distribution center in Ontario, CA

Here in the states, it's hard to get back to business as usual after a grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Brown’s murderA lot of folks say we shouldn't get back to business at all, recommending Boycotting Black Friday in solidarity with Michael Brown. But regardless of the next time you go shopping, I wanted to shed some light on the incredible eco-friendly practices Timberland has engaged in over the past 10 years, in line with Qwear's Environment Month.

Timberland is known by many as the urban must-haves for the city, and by others as practical, classic New England gear that will get you through the winter and strenuous hikes. But behind Timberland's ruggedly handsome designs is a company with incredible values, that treats the environment around them just as well as the bodies they keep warm.

I only wish they highlighted these images and practices more on their website rather than hiding them 2 clicks away from the front page, because I believe other large businesses have a lot to learn from their model.

From the way they ship their products, to their lighting systems and water tanks, Timberland is on the forefront of eco-friendly practices for large business. Their European distribution center is in Almelo, Holland. The centralized location has easy access to the ports of Rotterdam to reduce emissions from trucking, while also cutting down on shipping time to customers. The building itself is green and sustainable, featuring underground storage tanks that collect rainwater for flushing toilets and motion-detector lights to help reduce energy consumption. The facility gets 100% of its energy from wind power. Their distribution center in Ontario, California features an on-site solar array, as pictured above.

These are just some of the many steps Timberland has taken that resulted in achieving an industry-leading 50% greenhouse gas emissions reduction between 2006 and 2013 for the facilities they own and operate and for their employees’ air travel.

Timberland has proven that saving the environment also helps their business costs. They state, "Our distribution facility proves once again that eco-conscious choices can also be smart business choices. Now we’re more efficient than ever before—shipping out products faster and with less impact to the planet." 

You can read about this and much more on the Responsibility section of Timerbland's site.