Top-Button Swag

Anonymous asked: "I’m told that if you button the collar button of a shirt, you should wear some kind of neckwear, especially for anything dressy.

"Is there unisex/androgynous neckwear that I could wear if I either don’t want to deal with people who may be scandalized by women wearing ties, or decide I’m more comfortable with unisex attire than masculine-coded attire?

One phrase: TOP-BUTTON SWAG. 

Thank you, I’m done.

Just kidding. You can totally button the “collar” button (or, what I call, the “top” button) without any neckwear whatsoever. This look is actually quite trendy among young queer people, and amazingly attractive… Maybe it’s just my group of friends, but we all rock top-button swag most days.

Other than ties, I you can wear bolo ties (which are trendy, too), collar necklaces, bow ties, and bow tie necklaces. 

max london, top button buttoned


top button buttoned
collar necklace





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