Topman Sales Associate Talks Best Fits For Female Customers

I got the chance to Skype with one of our readers Lauren about her experience working sales at the Topman in LA.

Her enthusiasm for Topman showed through as she described the music they play, her interactions with her coworkers, and the quality of their clothing.

Like me, one of her favorite things about Topman is their small sizing, allowing more smaller framed queers to buy grown-up clothes. Lauren sees between 1 and 5 women/female assigned people shop at Topman every day, and loves helping them pick out the right fits.


Lauren, Topman Sales Associate Wearing their Black Short Sleeve Smart Shirt, Black Ultra Skinny Dress Pants, Black Suede ShoesTopman Gold Collar Tips

I’ve heard from a lot of you about looking for the best fit in men’s pants. Lauren recommends Topman’s trousers in the skinny and ultra skinny cuts. Even though a lot of us get nervous about men’s denim, she reports always seeing good fit on the women/female assigned people who come her way. She said that the vintage slims and skinnys in particular are designed for people with wide hips who still want the slim look.

For people with big chests, she loves the fit of their oversized T-shirts, and recommends tailoring for everything else (Here’s a guide on tailoring a men’s shirt to fit your chest!). She also pointed out that compared to other fast fashion locations, Topman’s clothes are very high quality. She got a shirt there 3 years ago that she still wears all the time and looks like new. So the extra $20 to get it tailored is well worth it if you have the cash.

Lauren describes her style as minimal, alternative, and void of much color. What are Lauren’s top 5 Topman looks for Fall? She chose their boots (US size 7 fits her) collar studs, a cardigan for quality layering, a leather jacket, and coated or waxed denim. 


Gold Centre Studs and Collar Tops, on sale for $4

And I have good news for students: For a limited time, Topman is offering a 20% student discount online and in stores. 

When Lauren’s not at Topman, she’s doing graphic design and working on an app that will help queer women find events and people to meet up with in their area. Keep up with her on her Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter.

- Sonny

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