Urban Outfitters Disclaimer

I’ve had several conversations with queers and… well, more queers, about the evil empire that is Urban Outfitters and the brands they own like Anthropologie.

Now there are a lot of corporations doing some pretty shitty things that I write about here nonetheless (bad labor practices, sexist advertisements, appropriating Native American patterns in poor taste, etc.) but it seems that Urban Outfitters tops the list for their blatant attacks on queers. And since this is a queer blog, it doesn’t seem right to continue plugging them without at least warning people that their money will end up in the hands of Rick Santorum or the likes. That’s right, Richard Hayne, the chariman of Urban Outfitters Inc., generously supports anti-gay campaigns (view source.) Most recently Urban came out with some transphobic greeting cards and didn’t speaking out against their actions.

Now, as mentioned in this post, this blog is not meant to be political. I want to empower queers to buy clothes that they feel GREAT in out of our limited resources. Thus I bring you the Urban alternative for my American readers: Buffalo Exchange. Those of you outside the US, please comment with more hipster aesthetic thrift stores.

So here’s how I’m going to proceed guys. A lot of you have clothes from Urban Outfitters and their other businesses, and so do I. Every time we model something from there, I’m going to NOT LINK to them (this increases traffic to their site and is generally good for them regardless of how many direct purchases stem from Dyke Duds) and add a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that reads, Urban Outfitters, Inc. donates money to anti-gay campaigns. Learn more about their actions hereBuffalo Exchange is a great hipster Alternative.”

If you have any more comments, please don’t hesitate to share and I would love to take them into consideration. Peace.