Valentines Day is For Bragging


Missy — who happens to be my SUPER CUTESICLE GIRLFRIEND — wins job interviews and livens up parties in her classy yet playful outfits.

She’s chosen her more feminine selections for us today, but doesn’t identify as femme. Even when she wears femme clothes, she likes to keep it clean and simple without any auxiliary jewelry/make-up/ruffles/ruching/puffy sleeves, or any other types of feminine accents built into them. She likes simple lines and clothes that have a vintage feel. Lots of her clothes are either thrifted or from friends — which I highly recommend to save money and the environment. 

Hair cut: Leroy, at We Are Hair, in Jamaica Plain, MA 

Glasses: Eye Q


Cardigan: Old Navy

Dress: Goodwill in LA

Sandals: Montego Bay Club


Matching teal also never hurts.

Top: Gap Outlet

Suit: Banana Republic Outlet

Shoes: Payless, American Eagle


Sweater: Delia’s

Dress: H&M (inherited)

Shoes: Payless, American Eagle


Dress: H&M

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