Wallet Crisis Diverted

Genderfork recently posted a quote that said “I feel so comfortable wearing a binder and a skirt” and it struck a chord with me because it made me realize that I seem to have a more feminine gender identity in my bottom half than my top. I’m perfectly happy in women’s skinny jeans, but pretty much exclusively wear men’s or boy’s shirts.

It also shed light on my wallet issues. I refuse to carry anything that even remotely resembles a purse, but I can’t fit my wallet in my pocket because I mostly wear women’s pants.

I don’t know if this trick has already been discovered by many queers, but I figured I’d better share since the discovery was quite liberating for me. It turns out that men’s wallets have a flip insert (pictured above) that you can pull out and use it on its own. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in women’s tiny pockets but can hold a surprising amount of essentials! It fits my credit card, a few business cards, ID, Charlie Card (“Like” if you know what that is), and I can even fold a few dollar bills and put them in there.

Wallet crisis diverted, and I’m one step closer to appearing suave when I reach into my back pocket to pull out my credit card rather than fumbling through my bag.