Wearing Awesome Socks Like a Grown Up

Anonymous asked: "I’ve seen a lot of people pairing awesome socks with normal sneakers and even dressier shoes.

"How do you know when it matches and when you start looking like a 5 year old who just started to dress herself?"

  (source:  www.hushhush.kz/ )

(source: www.hushhush.kz/)

Socks are interesting. A colorful pair can add splash, but they can also take away from the “professionalism” of your overall look. But they can add to an outfit, yes? Yes! If you want to look fabulous, good socks are one easy way to get there.

Five-year-olds wear socks with garishly obnoxious patterns/graphics, like Spongebob Squarepants or frilly lace or bunnies or something. Sartorialists (read: extremely fashionable/tasteful dressers) can get away with a certain amount of garish; think neon or really, really bright. On certain people, this works. On others, it doesn’t.


(source: fashionbitsandbobs.com/)

I personally wear subtle socks. (patterns: argyle, small stripes, polka dots, nautical themed, etc., colors: greens, blues, pinks, tans.) These patterns and colors go with my overall style; they don’t detract from anything else I’m pulling off, and they add to my outfit when I sit down and cross my legs (and my pants come up). 

Take away point: go for what you can get away with (or with what you feel like rocking that day). If you’re unsure, stick with a semi-neutral pallet with traditional patterns. You can always bump-up your sock game if you want. Don’t wear media graphics, except for skulls, anchors, shields, etc. 


source: formelle.tumblr.com/

Sonny says: My attitude towards socks is like Michael Pollan’s attitude towards diet. If someone else pulled it off, copy what they did! Sometimes we don’t know exactly why certain things work and others make us look like 5-year-olds, but we can take inspiration from the world around us. So if the French have been eating cheese with breakfast and wine with every meal for centuries, maybe there’s something to their diet worth emulating! And if you saw a hot queer on the street rocking polka-dot socks with dress shoes… try it out! You already have a little evidence that it works.