Wildfang is Live!

And this queer says the hype matches the delivery! If you are already on their mailing list, you will be granted access immediately when you enter your email.

Otherwise, you can get on the waiting list here: www.wildfang.com

They are curating a very artsy look; loosely fitting clothes, wild patterns, lots of black and white, some western influences. There are a wide range of prices, and some of their vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind and disappearing fast! Here are some of my favs:

wildfang jeans
wildfang vest
wildfang army bow tie
wildfang boots
wildfang flannet

Craftsman Flannel, $78

They also have some sweet articles on tomboy style! I’m so stoked, friends. I’ll keep you updated as the brand grows. Don’t know what Wildfang is? Catch up here.- Sonia

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