Wildfang: The New Curated Tomboy Clothing Store and Movement

OK what is this new Wildfang thing popping up everywhere, and how the heck are Kate Moennig, Hannah Blilie, and Megan Rapinoeall in the same place, wearing my dream shoes?

I know this is the question in most of your minds right now. So before you go losing any more sleep, here’s the deal: Wildfang is curating clothing for an online shop that caters to the tomboy lifestyle. In addition to launching an online store in a few months, they will have a whole website devoted to tomboy culture.

You’ve probably already seen their hot video, but here are some things you don’t know:

1. The voice in the video is Wildfang cofounder Julia’s 86-year-old grandmother, Carol Eisenschimel. In the 50’s she starting stealing her husband’s shirts because she didn’t like the way women’s shirts felt. All her words are unscripted, and just her end of a conversation.


2. Wildfang will be focusing on casual styles, curated from over 30 brands in Australia, the UK, and ‘merica. By including so many designers, they will be providing many different takes on tomboy style, and eventually reinventing what it means to BE a tomboy.


3. All 5 people in their film and photoshoot jumped on board with their start-up budget, because they loved the idea and wanted to help make it happen. i.e. My crushes on all of them just increased by 500%.


4. Kate Moennig’s personal wardrobe is a combination of men’s, women’s, and vintage pieces, all tailored. She works with her own tailor to achieve a very specific idea of how she wants each one to look. (OK yes, good thing this interview was over the phone, because I was TOTALLY blushing)


5. With Wildfang in the picture, you will no longer need to steal things from your brother’s closet. Their online store will have carefully chosen the best pieces for you, your style, and your body.

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All photos by Lindsey Byrnes