Working the Heat

Anonymous asked: "I’m brazilian and it is very hot where I live, about 27°C to 30°C all year long. There is no such thing as winter, which means I can’t really work with layers. I like short sleeves buttom-ups or polos and jeans (as long as they do not accentuate my hips) and I wear them for work with converse shoes. I wonder if there are other clothes I could try. I am a psychologist and work with young people in a university, which does not require a dress code." 

Wow, jeans, converse, and polos to work? Sounds great! So it’s in the 80’s (F) all year round. Let’s get some dress shorts. My beloved Old Navy Bermudas only come in 3 colors this year (view this post)… but I have some from Banana Republic that I got last year on sale and they fit in a straight up-and-down way and have really nice fabric. I also can’t help but recommend the shorts from the store with whom I have been having an intimate love affair for the past 6 months:

Topman, dark pink chino shorts

I don’t think I mentioned how tucking in your shirt and wearing a belt can seriously rack up the fancy points:

ASOS black leather belt (only $21.81!)

Add some loafers (and don’t forget the invisible socks):

Bass Casell Black Shoe

Have you considered ties? Have I shown you my latest favorite?

General Knot Bedford Plaid & Japanese Indigo Chambray Necktie

Now, I know it’s hot. But you can still add a vest over your short-sleeve button-up once in a while (and tie!!), right?

Ralph Lauren Boys Cotton Cable Vest (See me rocking mine here)

A little inspiration from Topman:

Topman Smart Outfit 5 (link)