Working Your Shape in Menswear

Anonymous asked: "My girlfriend is definitely masculine-of-center/ generqueer, 37 (though doesn’t “look it,” whatever that means), and is definitely NOT skinny (she’s working with a gorgeous big ass for one thing).

"She’s a total babe and wants to look more stylie, but a lot of the looks on here involve stuff like skinny jeans and a “straight up and down” aesthetic that simply isn’t possible w/ her body. Can you please advise? Accessories and basics? Pref on the cute casual tip vs. dressy/ dandy."

I say embrace your curves (I mean you tell your girlfriend). When I wear clothes that are straight up and down on another person, they are obviously not straight up and down on me. However, regardless of shape, I feel as if I still look put together and stylish. See me in my latest number. I say all this just to make a point that you (not you, but your girlfriend, or also you I guess) can wear whatever the hell you want regardless of size or shape. But moving on, here is some inspiration:

1. Pants

These straight leg jeans “with Right Fit Technology” are a great alternative to skinny jeans. (available at Lane Bryant for $29.97) They’re not too hip hugging but they also provide a figure flattering shape. In addition, they can be dressed up or down. These Old Navy jeans are also good. 

2. Hoodies and Sweatshirts

For casual wear I like to throw on a “non-sweatshirt hoodie.” Hoodies are a great way to vary your look from the usual collared shirt. Below is an example.

I also love a good varsity jacket. You can pick them up at H&MForever 21Dr. Jays, and ASOS


3. Tops

Try a baseball tee or a Henley for casual tops.

Men’s Classic Baseball Tee, available at Old Navy for $14.94

3. Accessories

I generally don’t wear accessories outside of ties and bracelets, so I’ll give you some inspiration on that front.

Bracelet Set, available at American Eagle Outfitters for $9.50

The trick to ties is knowing how to dress them up or down. To reduce the formality of ties, wear them with just a cardigan or sweater, or on their own. Also, swap out a silk/shiny tie for a cloth tie for a more casual look. 


I get my ties from goodwill now. Any thrift store will probably be more cost efficient than a department store.