Your Color Palettes

Anonymous asked: "My friends and family always make fun of me for matching colors. It is true i do tend to match color alot to the point where i even color co-ordinate my underwear lol.

"But i don’t know how to clash colors successfully :/ How can i pick items that go together without having to worry about how the colors match?:

Sean says: 

Have you ever seen color swatches? Or “palettes?” If you haven’t, they’re collections of colors across the spectrum that go well together. With clothes, palettes get even more interesting because there are layers and textures. The deal is finding palettes that you like; these can range from 2 colors (pink and blue) or many (like dark blue, light blue, coral, forest green, light green, mustard, etc.). The important thing with color and clothing is remembering the visual statement that a given outfit gives. Your outfit shouldn’t say, “I know my colors and I can match!” Your outfit should be a reflection of you. It should convey your unique sense of self. Pick items that reflect you and work well together. Start with the “palette” and see where it takes you!

Sonny says:

Check out the website Color Scheme Designer. It automatically creates color palettes.  You can play around with it and get ideas for color schemes. Then just observe outfits you like and take note of the colors, shades, and materials. And think about why it works. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks!

This outfit makes use of the complimentary colors blue and orange. (source:

This outfit uses colors that are close together — blue and green — and then adds a dash of yellow as a highlight color. (source:

Model Katherine Roll makes use of the primary colors in this bright and bold ensemble. Sometimes all you need to carry out bold colors is a smile to show that you love what you’re wearing. (Source: