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"Qwear Fashion aims to signal boost voices that are working to resist erasure in the LGBTQ+ community. You should check out (and follow!) the whole Tumblr, but we especially recommend the series on Exploring Make-Up as a Genderless Art Form. It’s a great read to match the great photography." — "LGBTQ+ culture is a driving force in fashion"

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Interview with Sonny: Transcending the Suit Industry


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 Interview with Sonny and Bing:  print full spread  |  article .

Interview with Sonny and Bing: print full spread | article.


Design* Sponge

"Qwear has evolved into an online community center: a safe haven for folks to talk, play around with fashion, see and be seen." — Jeanna Kadlec, Design* Sponge, Life + Business: Sonny Oram of Qwear



SXSW Recap: You Are What You Wear


Posture Magazine

“Proud arbiter of prep style and mastermind behind the blog Qwear, Sonny Oram modeled a salmon striped button-down from Wildfang, noting some interesting details like the tromp l’oeil chest pocket and the generous cut along the torso to allow for enough space in the hips. In addition to this Sonny wore a tie from Ambiance Couture Bowtie, with a toile de jouy pattern (French for linen, this is a mid 18th century print often utilized as a home textile. With a monochromatic color scheme toile de jouys depict images of an idyllic English countryside) as well as khakis from Topman, Sonny’s number one sponsor.” — Christiane Nickel, Fashion Editor, Posture Magazine, 

Interview with Sonny: What is Queer Fashion?


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"Qwear aims to share the styles of those – particularly trans people – who have typically been marginalised by the fashion industry. It has received worldwide exposure for providing this excellent platform and for consistently showcasing such on-point design." — Global Bloggers With Scandi Style

"The content is incredibly well-written and thoughtfully curated, discussing things like masculinity, plus size fashion, and social connotations faced by femme, androgynous and butch-presenting queers." — 6 Up-and-Coming LGBT Bloggers To Follow