Showcasing LGBTQIA+ modes of expression to expand our visual representation

Teen Qwear: Share Your Story

Photo by Rupi (Boston Pride 2015)

Photo by Rupi (Boston Pride 2015)

We welcome teens aged 12-19 to share their stories. 

Here are some prompts:
1. How has your style evolved as you grew into your identity?
2. What is your favorite outfit and why?
3. How do you use fashion to navigate your environment?
4. Tell us about a time you were bullied about your clothing and how you dealt with it.
5. Does your school have a dress code? Share how you work around the school's rules to wear identity-affirming clothing.

We encourage you to include photos as well. If you wish to hide your identity, fashion photos from the neck down are welcome. Please submit your photos to with "Teen Qwear" and your name in the subject line. Don't have anyone to take your photos? Check out our photographers list to find someone in your area!

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