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Sonny Oram


Deemed a "queer style expert" by The Advocate, Sonny founded Qwear in 2011. Sonny has gained international recognition with interviews in Buzzfeed, S Moda, The Huffington Post LiveFashionista.com, and Design*Sponge. Sonny was awarded 2015 dapperQ of the Year and was the first trans blogger to be sponsored by Topman. In March 2016, Sonny spoke at South by South West's first official queer fashion panel. Sonny aims to fight oppression through fashion, and views fashion as a form of activism. Their work challenges the beauty industry standards in solidarity with people of size, people of color, and trans individuals of all genders.

Ru Qwear Fashion Director



Rupi serves a dual-role of Fashion Director and Fashion Designer in which she seeks to dismantle preconceived notions of gender expression and explore the identity constructs of queer fashion. Rupi’s goal is to provide a platform for the community to share their stories with the aim of demystifying the borders of queer fashion and reinforcing queering fashion as an intimate experience closely related to one’s individuality. Rupi’s work examines what queer fashion signifies, explores the outcomes that queer performance produces, and reflects on the modes in which the queer self shapes mainstream fashion. She challenges the conventional arrangement of queer fashion as a concept too superficial to be anything but hyperbolic and convenes on the direct queer experience by delivering content that blurs all boundaries.

Hailing from Scotland, with Trinidadian roots, this veteran designer and activist has immersed herself in queer theory and fashion for nearly a decade. A graduate of Rhode Island School Of Design, Rupi merges her knowledge of queer theory and critical race theory with her passion for fashion. Recently, her work has been presented at Queer Fashion Week (2015), Rainbow Fashion Week (2015) and the Institute Of Contemporary Art, Boston (2016). 


Ashleigh Bingham


Ashleigh aka “Bing, ”creator of I Dream of Dapper, is a dapper-femme Tumblr style icon. She contributed to popularizing the long haired "queer pomp" with her golden locks, and is known for her daring pattern mixing, complimentary rich colors, lapel pins, wild thrift finds, and variety in neckwear. Bing contributes to Autostraddle, and has been featured on DapperQ. She loves mixing fashion with satire. Outside of the blog-o-sphere, Bing works Spectrum,  a LGBT organization that ensures a safe and accepting place for individuals to find a new kind of family.


Blake Calhoun


Blake is a college student in the south majoring in sociology with a concentration in queer studies. She draws inspiration from the southern prep style offered at outlets such as Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and Polo Ralph Lauren. In addition, Blake funnels her inspiration into creating a pool of affordable resources and relatable success stories for plus size and masculine of center people.


Mojo Disco


Mojo Disco is an artist, writer, culture coach, and even curator from NYC. Creator of the popular underground event Paint and Poetry and MUA at MojoDiscoNYC.

Mojo's motto is "Too Proud, Too Free" symbolizing the ideology of challenging society's norms through queer fashion, knowledge, and love.

IG: @mojodisco
Twitter: @mojodisco
FB: /mojothemogul 


Courtney Stirn


Courtney Stirn, writer of Menwear Hero, is a 5' 2" masculine of center *menswear enthusiast from the Midwest. Her personal style draws influences from American heritage details, as well as her travels in London, Edinburgh, Tokyo, and Beijing. She has a wealth of experience styling friends of various gender identities and stylistic interests, and would love to help anyone who has trouble finding small size/petite clothing. 


Sarah Rose


Sarah Rose is a multi-dimensional artist currently working on a sci-fi novel, which she hopes to release for public consumption in the next year. See her random non-fiction musings via Tumblr and Meraki. Follow on: TwitterInstagramVine



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