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Qwear Crushes: 30 LGBTQIA+ Babes Proving Fashion Has No Size

Qwear Crushes: 30 LGBTQIA+ Babes Proving Fashion Has No Size

This article is a collaboration between Alysse Dalessandro and Sonny Oram.

Over the past four to five years, plus size fashion has seen a major increase in visibility and representation. More retailers are offering plus size clothing options than ever before. Plus models are regularly walking the runways of New York Fashion Week while plus bloggers collaborate with some of the biggest brands around. Plus size people have always been stylish but it feels like fashion has finally taken notice. That is, except for queer fashion.

When we see representations of queer fashion in the media, we still mostly see thin bodies. This lack of visibility not only doesn’t paint a clear picture of the LGBTQIA+ community but it can also be isolating to those plus size babes who want to see someone who looks like them represented in queer fashion.

As if to scream “we exist” to mainstream queer fashion, I teamed up with Qwear to help find plus size folks from all across the world and highlight their personal styles. The response was overwhelming in a very good way and whether you’re big and tall or plus size and petite, we hope to empower you to see that you belong in queer fashion.

Tarik Carroll

Tarik Carroll Queer Plus Size Fashion

Brooklyn native Tarik Carroll is a fashion, music, and commercial photographer & body positivity activist. Tarik founded the EveryMan Project — a visual conversation about diversity that showcases men of all sizes, races, and sexualities in poses that aren't typically seen in male representation. Tarik Carroll’s work has been featured in several major publications & news outlets including Teen Vogue, PAPER, People Magazine, NBC, Strut by MIC, NYLON, and Afro Punk.

How would you describe your style?
A mix of hipster chic, 90's Brooklyn & Coven Realness.

Where Do You Shop?
I find a lot of my key pieces these days at ASOS. I also mix a lot of urban pieces from Sean John & Parish Nation with more dressy pieces.

Follow Tarik: Instagram | Twitter | FacebookTumblr | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Dripbook | Society6 | Foursquare @tarikcarrollphotography

Tarik Carroll Queer Plus Size Fashion
Tarik Carroll Queer Plus Size Fashion
Chelsea Memmolo Plus Size Queer Fashion

Chelsea is unapologetically herself always. In a small town where the people often don't venture too far outside the box, Chelsea shines in faux furs, crops, platforms, and quirky accessories. Chelsea is 27 years old and recently made the decision to identify as queer after years of hiding it. She has a Bachelor's Degree in photography and is currently in grad school for social work. In both these fields, she always strives to be inclusive educated, creating safe spaces for individuals. Since her teenage years, she has been dealing with various mental health problems which is partially what drives her to help others.

How would you describe your style?
Fashion is my main way of expression and also self care. My style isn't set, it is usually a combination of goth, hip hop, formal... it depends on the mood. Street style is usually my go-to but I don't like being pinned down to one kind of style. Balancing things out is important to me — like a glitter dress with platform combats and a dog collar choker.

Where do you shop?
I am a Forever 21 addict. It is the most related to my style than a lot of other plus stores as well as affordable. I recently made it a point to shop small businesses such as Zelie for She, Premme, and Fat mermaids

Follow Chelsea: Instagram | Photography Website

Chelsea Memmolo Plus Size Queer Fashion
Chelsea Memmolo Plus Size Queer Fashion


Morgan Plus Size Queer Fashion

Morgan is a proud pieces and whovian. Morgan enjoys a good steak and never fails to help anyone in need. Avocados and Doctor Who as well as music are constantly on her mind. When relaxing, she spends time with Polka Dot, her Greek tortoise.

How would you describe your style?
Sleek and dapper or comfortable and casual depending on the day.

Where do you shop?
Thrift stores are my first love, and I recently started shopping at Men's Warehouse and Uniqlo.

Follow Morgan: Featured occasionally on Instagram

Morgan Plus Size Queer Fashion
Morgan Plus Size Queer Fashion
Shelly Plus Size Queer Fashion

Shelly Haynes is a 38-year-old sex positive fat butch babe residing in Columbus, Ohio. She is the events coordinator and bar manager for The Angry Baker. She has been out and proud since 1995, identifies as queer and is polyamorous. A few of her favorite things include horror movies, thrifting, travelling, and sex, lots and lots of sex.

How would you describe your style?
My style is best described as queer punk and is the culmination of the many great and terrible fashion phases I've gone through over the years.

Where do you shop?
My favorite places to shop are thrift stores, where I pick up things and add my own weirdo twist to them, but I get many of my horror/band tees from concerts and conventions. What I can’t find out in the wild I get from my best friend Jimmy aka FagxEnabler, who makes custom queer positive clothing (you can find him on Instagram, FB).

Follow Shelly: Instagram | Facebook | Fetlife: ButchBabehammer

Shelly Plus Size Queer Fashion
Shelly Plus Size Queer Fashion


Plus Size Queer Fashion

Kanda is a singer songwriter, model, and artist of many types, local to Portland. Along with having performed with several prestigious musicians and bands in town, she has been the ambassador and face many fashion lines including Beth Ditto, Chubby Cartwheels, and Copper Union. Kanda is a big advocate for racial equity, mental health, and body positivity. In her spare time, Kanda can be found playing the guitar, listening to Frank Ocean, or eating tacos.

How would you describe your style?
I would say that my style is Afrocentric and full of experiments. I believe life is too short to not try a cute new way of wearing clothes. So I am really into trying new things. 

Where do you shop?
ASOS is one of my favorites ever, as well as thrifting. My mother sometimes makes some of my clothes as well. 

Follow Kanda: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Originally from a cornfield in the Midwest, Jazzmyne is now a Video Producer at Buzzfeed in L.A. Jazzmyne moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love for fashion by studying at FIDM and later found herself working at Buzzfeed. Even though she literally went in with no technical experience, she knew that she wanted to create work that would help people of all sizes, genders, races, etc. feel less alone and feel more confident in being their true, authentic self!

How would you describe your style?
Okay, so describing my style is NOT the easiest. I have many ways of dressing! You can find me in a tight dress and lipstick one day and a basketball jersey with JNCO jeans the next! Overall my style is bold, expressive, and definitely an aesthetic. Whether you love it or you hate it: you will definitely notice it! For me personally, getting dressed and picking out my clothes gives me such endorphins and I am so happy when I put on an outfit I love. I know my style isn't for everyone, but that's totally fine because it's perfect for me.

Where do you shop?
My absolutely FAVORITE place to shop is ASOS . I literally shop in the men's plus size section and the wowen's curve section literally every other day! ASOS is my go to for literally any event or just staying up with the trends. I have recently been loving Poster Grl because their size-inclusive line really pushed boundaries of what is out there currently. It's definitely my vibe!

Follow Jazzmyne: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Kim Selling is an always-nude fat queer femme based in Seattle. She can be found complaining about music for The Stranger, yelling about poetry for Gramma Press, and selling piles of glittering vintage for bunny ranch madams, crop top goths, and lizard queens alike on the World Wide Web.

How would you describe your style?
My queer fat body is inherently political, so I wear whatever the fuck I want so as to signify that no one can take this bod, or what's on it, away from me. I think velvet, mesh, and caftans are all-season concepts, and I generally default to underwear-as-outerwear. I also think bellies should be celebrated, so I have a crop top for every situation. My everyday standards are generally sheer, soft, and high-waisted, with some big ole jewelry thrown on top.

Where do you shop?
I grew up pretty broke, so thrifting became second nature to me at a very young age. Most of my closet was thrifted from regional spots, but I also love a good estate sale or a local vintage boutique. I'll take eBay and Etsy any day over a big box store.

Follow Kim: Instagram | Twitter | Etsy

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Ady Del Valle is a gay 30-year-old Freelance Plus Male Model and Style Influencer. He is Puerto Rican, and living in Boston where he was born and raised. Through his modeling career, he has been able to help represent a group of men that are usually over looked in the fashion world.

How would you describe your style?
My style is laid back, effortless, casual, sometimes sexy, with modern fits, cuts, and tailoring.

Where do you shop?
ASOS, DXL, King Size Direct (online), Macy’s (online), Target (online), Dr. Jays (online), Ralph Lauren

Follow Ady: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Gabriel Danny Reyes

Plus Size Queer Fashion

Gabriel’s pronouns are he/they/she. They identify as Chicanx, Queer, and Non-binary. He is currently studying Chicanx Studies and Spanish at UC Santa Barbara. Gabriel is 22 years old and a Scorpio.

How would you describe your style?
I feel like my style is similar to me in that it’s always evolving. It’s constantly changing and being more fluid as am I as I grow into who I am supposed to be. At the moment, my style is very simplistic and easy-going. This is mainly due to recent financial issues, as I’m not able to afford all the clothes I need to fully express myself to the fullest. However, I try not to let this stop me and I make due with what I have. As for now I’ve been a lot more expressive with my makeup. Style to me is more than clothes and shoes, it’s the whole package; the attitude and the confidence. And although it’s usually very simple for now, I still have my bold days where I pull together a nice look. 

Where do you shop?
I tend to shop at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS. I also try my best to support fellow indie Latinx shops and have become good friends with a lot of the owners of them. Some examples of clothing I have from Latinx shops are Jotxwear, Hija de tu Madre, Ella Loca, and Somaratx. I find these shops so important to me because they represent a lot of my culture and my queerness. They help me express myself to the fullest.

Follow Gabriel: Instagram | Twitter

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Photography by C. Oldroyd

Photography by C. Oldroyd


Brianne is a queer femme from Salt Lake City, who spends a good amount of time in LA and NYC trying to make her fashion dreams a reality.  Having grown up Mormon, she uses fashion as a way to reclaim her body from the patriarchy.  Also, because fashion is just fucking fun.

How would you describe your style?
Definitely "HBIC Hard Femme."  There's nothing better than stomping around town in heels, I love making people's head turns at the sound of my heels – then do a double take at my shaved head.

Where do you shop?
Oh god, where *don't* I shop?!  Right now, I'm loving startup and indie brands like Premme, JIBRI, and Plus Bklyn, and I almost always have an ASOS Curve tab open on my browser.

Follow Brianne: Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Photography by Suma Jane Dark

Photography by Suma Jane Dark

Photography by Suma Jane Dark

Photography by Suma Jane Dark

Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan

Plus Size Queer Fashion

Jonathan Acosta Abi Hassan is a Venezuelan genderfluid pansexual fashion blogger based in Miami. They love to express themselves with their unique personal style and artistic influences. At age 23, Jonathan has lived in over 5 different countries, providing them with the unique experience to see how people around the world respond to those who dress outside of the "social norms" of their society. 

How would you describe your style?
I describe my style as a reflection of my daily mood, some days I wake up feeling fierce af, other days a bit more punk rock, and some days I’m just all about flower prints and a lot of glitter!!

Where do you shop?
I usually shop online either at ASOS, SHEIN, Forever 21, Zara, and SSENSE, when I need something from a designer. And for funky shoes I always go to Dolls Kill.

Follow Jonny: Instagram

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

J is a non-binary fat butch babe and the creator of Comfy Fat, a site dedicated to fat activism and accessibility. Writing about topics that range from the intersections of fatness and gender, to fat hygiene products, J aims to start discussions on topics that push boundaries. They hope to bring awareness to issues specific to fat folks, for fat and thin people alike to learn and share resources. J wants to challenge the high beauty standards that the plus size community is held to, by celebrating fat people in their comfortable clothing and fatties who are just simply comfortable in their skin with or without the bells and whistles. 

How would you describe your style?
I wear what's comfortable and try to dress it up or down a little depending on my mood or the occasion. But there isn't a whole lot out there for accessible clothing, even when you do mix and match between the mens and womens sections. So I think my style really comes down to being defined as Comfy Fat. Either that, or Tender Butch F*ckboi, haha.

Where do you shop?
I shop mainly at JCPenney, Lane Bryant, Torrid, and ASOS.

Follow J: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Marquis Neal is a 26 year old plus size queer Instagram blogger and model from Brooklyn, NY known for his gender-fluid appearance and colorful/ inspiring outfit posts for plus size individuals. Aiming for inclusion and representation, he brings a new perspective to everyday style and how androgynous fashion can be more approachable for people that want to seen that way. His work had led to him being featured in Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post,, WGSN, and collaboration with brands such as ASOS, JCPenney, Uniqlo, Brandon Kyle Collection, and Bando LA.

How would you describe your style?
Bright and femme like my personality, but dark and lovely like my soul.

Where do you shop?
I shop everywhere honestly. I think all stores have the potential to carry SOMETHING worth styling. I try to utilize accessories in places that don't carry clothes in my size. For clothing and shoes I truly love ASOS — they carry a very good realm of styles and their plus sizes just keep growing. Thrift stores, they offer a larger selection of things my size, and you can always find something unique. THE WOMENS DEPARTMENT — I get a huge selection of my clothes from the women's department in stores, they have a larger selection and they order good prints and jackets. For jeans, Old Navy and Levi's fit me the best and they offer great colors and fits.

Follow Marquis: Instagram | Facebook

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Dāsha Guyton is an award-winning Body Positive Lifestyle Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist based in Hyde Park, Chicago. She uses her blog & styling company, Windy City Wardrobe to help people curate experiences and a wardrobe they love.

How would you describe your style?
I dress to express my mood so my personal style tends to run the gamut, but no matter what it’s always colorful. I’m a sucker for unique handbags, modern versions of vintage dresses, faux leather leggings, and print mixing. Until a few years ago my personal style and identity continuously shifted between the spectrum of stud, stem, and femme, but I finally stopped dressing just to push against the patriarchy or to please people in my life. Now I dress to make me happy, but I’ll always be grateful for those shifts because they helped me develop a keen eye for styling which led me to start a blog and eventually a styling business. Expressing my femme identity each day feels synonymously liberating and oppressive because I can’t help but notice those who treated me with respect when I expressed my masculine side now treat me as though I’m incompetent and fragile as I express myself as a femme.

Where do you shop?
eShakti, ASOS Curve, ModCloth, Torrid, Standout Style Boutique, Trash Queen, AKIRA, and Forever 21.

Follow Dāsha: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Fozzy Craig Lai

Plus Size Queer Fashion

Fozzy is a bi, genderqueer, autistic spacefat who lives on bubble tea and cat cuddles. They left home at sixteen to escape the toxic atmosphere at their small town high school and found community with the freaks and outcasts in a small, working class city. They now live in Toronto with their partner and kid, sewing self-care kits and fidgets for neurodivergent folk.

How would you describe your style?
My style is androfemme space fat. Everything has to be comfortable and low maintenance but I love wearing things that express my interests and sense of humour. I'd love to add some more punk and goth elements but they never come in fat sizes, I would do anything for a pair of grey plaid bondage pants that fit.

Where do you shop?
I don't shop much, but I get my jeans from Addition Elle (always the curvy fit in a loose fitting size) and my leggings from Modcloth. My T-shirts are all from sites like Redbubble and Teepublic. I've also made some stuff like my oversized hoodie with the space lining and my baggy space shorts. I want to make more but I still have to learn more about making clothes to fit properly.

Follow Fozzy: Instagram

Plus Size Queer Fashion
Plus Size Queer Fashion

Amy Stretten


Amy Stretten is a bilingual (Spanish/English) independent multimedia journalist, blogger, model, and podcast host based in Los Angeles, California. She is Native American from the Chickahominy Tribe of Virginia and is a mixed-race, queer-identifying femme. She draws from her personal experience, navigating the world through a multicultural lens, to share stories that matter but may otherwise be misunderstood or overlooked. As the Chief of Style, she'll show you how to be a boss of your life, your home, and your wardrobe.

How would you describe your style?
My style varies from day to day, but my overall look is "fierce femme." Oddly enough, I feel like the more femme I am, the more queer I feel. So, while I love rocking distressed denim jeans paired with a vintage tee and a leather biker jacket (the quintessential "dyke" look), I feel my most bad ass in a pencil skirt or body con dress and heels. And, now that I have learned to love my curves, almost nothing is too short, too tight or too revealing.

Where do you shop?
I shop everywhere! But some of my favorite haunts are Eloquii, SimplyBe, Forever 21, and Poshmark (for the deals)!

Follow Amy: Instagram | Blog


Fat, queer, & disabled are the top three identifiers Effy Alece would use to sum up what they are most proud of about themselves. All three of these influence how Effy interacts with the world, as well as how they portray themselves on a daily basis. Recently coming out as non-binary trans has been the biggest influencer on their current style, with masc aesthetic and feminine charm being their favorite way to approach fashion. Effy lives in Columbia, SC with their dog & two mischievous cats, working as an esthetician and makeup artist when they are not drawing, sleeping, or hanging out with their best friend.

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as heavy masc with femme touches. Pants with button downs, vests and suspenders, layered jewelry, patterns, & boots are my go-to's most of the time. I want to prove that being fat and disabled is not incompatible with being stylish and desirable.

Where do you shop?
I shop primarily at consignment & thrift stores! Not only is it great for my wallet, but I love the challenge of finding the hidden gems that people no longer wear. Eventually I'd like to get to the point where I can either alter or sew my own clothing.

Follow Effy: Instagram


Iris Perez was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Puerto Rico, where both of her parents are from. She first discovered the beauty of makeup when she was 16 and she saw her mom applying different color eyeliners to create a rainbow. In that moment Iris knew one day she would be able to create art - not only on herself, but for others as well. After 3 children and many sacrifices and battles, she finally moved to Alabama in 2012 and began doing makeup collaborations with photographers as well as makeup tutorials on YouTube. Last year, Dione Reeves of Full Figured Fierce discovered her on Instagram and invited her she modeled in her fashion show, “War Paint.” Iris now works with photographers including Rick Jones directly from NYC and has modeled for Lane Bryant. 

How would you describe your style?
I create my own style. I can bring something old and combine it with other clothing and make it look like I’ve never worn it before.

Where do you shop?
I love shopping at different plus size boutiques but Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart and Twintastic Fashion are my favorite to shop so far.  

Follow Iris: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


Van Bailey

Photography by @kingtexas

Photography by @kingtexas

Dr. Van Bailey is a student affairs educator, international speaker, and diversity consultant. With over ten years of experience in higher education and nonprofits, Van's speeches and workshops relate to LGBTQ+ student leadership, pedagogical practice, and intersectionality. He is a collective member of bklyn boihood and the Inaugural Director of the LGBTQ Student Center at University of Miami.  

How would you describe your style?
Black boi excellence / godly adornment 

Where do you shop?
ASOS plus is my fav, but I'm also a fan of Etsy and some department stores. 

Follow Van: InstagramTwitter | LinkedIn

Photography by @kingtexas

Photography by @kingtexas

Photography by @girlpublic

Photography by @girlpublic


Shane Stinson is a 25-year-old trans man from St. Louis who found a passion for fashion. He currently works at the University of Missouri - Columbia, but in his spare time, you can find him piecing together colorful and eye catching outfits that he models for his partner to capture in pictures. He started the hashtag #PlusSizeTransGuy and a style account of the same name because he didn’t see any bigger representation in trans community. He showcases the outfits he puts together because they give him confidence when navigating the world as a trans person. Shane’s dream is to be a personal stylist that helps people boost their confidence and embrace their unique look.

Where do you shop?:
Any thrift store I can find! I love being able to repurpose something for a new look. You can also find me spending monies at H&M, Old Navy, Kohl’s, GAP, Goodwill, ASOS, Macy’s, and JCPenney.

How would you describe your style?
Queer and colorful professional who knows how to kick things up a notch. I love adding some oomph to a professional outfit that helps me stick out in the crowd, but I can also sprinkle some edgy trendiness on my look when I’m not working. 

Follow Shane: Instagram


JP is a drag performer, activist and educator. JP uses any pronouns. They like to combine comedy, entertainment, facts and relevant cultural conversations into performances and trainings. He is not shy from wearing sweats and some cool shades during the day, and she's not shy either from the gowns and sequins that drag allows them to shine through. During the "day," JP works for The Network/La Red, a local non-profit that provides support to LGBQ/T, polyamorous and SM survivors of partner abuse.  JP is a fun, witty person who will not tolerate your bull****.

How would you describe your style?
My style is lots of prints, patterns, sequins, with booty, big necklaces, a beard and natural hair. I'd describe it as a eclectic, vibrantly variable.

Where do you shop?
A good thrifter will not say where they thrift. A great thrifter, however, will thrift at Boomerangs at any of their locations. Boomerangs is part of AAC, AIDS Action Committee, and all their profits go towards the services AAC provides to the community. Boston Specific tips: For folks with a bigger budget, visit the South End location. For folks with a smaller budget or the thrill to thrift, go to their Jamaica Plain or West Roxbury location. 

Follow JP: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Maggie is a creative introvert who produces fat and queer fashion and lifestyle content for their YouTube channel and blog. Maggie lives just outside of Washington D.C. with their partner and works at a local non-profit. Their goal is to use their skills in video and story telling to inspire, create change, and connect with their community. You can send Maggie love and pumpkin emojis on social media (links below.)

How would you describe your style?
Casual, androgynous, and seasonal.

Where do you shop?
Target, Walmart, Forever 21 , Rue 21, Yours Clothing, JC Penney, Torrid, Amazon, Old Navy, Gabe's, Etsy, ASOS

Follow Maggie: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Blog


Jari Jones is a Black trans multi-faceted artist residing in New York. Jari started in fashion, building a career as a fashion and editorial photographer, but quickly became internationally recognized as a LGBTQ and body positive public figure. Jari has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, NYLON, and The Advocate for her insight on fashion within politics, body positivity, and LGBTQ community building and relationships. Jari has also been recently spotlighted in the acclaimed exhibit Perpetual Revolutions: The Image and Social Change at the ICP ( International Center of Photography) and a number of other International galleries highlighting Trans-Lesbian Relationships and Queer Bodied Empowerment.

How would you describe you style?
Fluid! Not just in gender, but in material, in genre, in fit, in color, in size. My style has always been some sort of fusion. I love mixing fabrics, I love color blocking, I love layering different lengths of fabric. Within in my style journey I've learned to embrace my body which has allowed me to really explore  my own fantasy of fashion. You can always catch me showing skin, wearing lace, short skirts, slits in dresses, plunges in shirts, monster high heels, crazy materials, lights, movement - I love it all. Fashion is the only thing besides my voice that gives me a voice.

Where do you shop?
EVERYWHERE!!!! I have a motto that I use when shopping "making it work". Where ever I am, I can find atleast one thing that i can incorporate into my own personal style. From thrift to high end or from Rainbow to Margiela, I like my style to be a mix, no one store satisfies me. Sometimes I find more of what I want in thrift or budget stores than I do in the trendy places, shopping for me has to with variety, and when variety is an option....I GO NUTS!

Follow Jari: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website


Tym Moss


TYM MOSS is a dynamic New York City entertainer and LGBT Community Activist. TYM is the star of the musical movie JUNK which is due for release later in 2018. As a singer and actor, you can see him on Film, TV, Theater and Cabaret Stages around the country. His music is available on iTunes, Amazon and all outlets. You can hear TYM MOSS on his weekly internet radio show Artists Exposed where he interviews Entertainers: Singers, Actors, Drag Performers, Authors and Activists mostly in the NYC LGBT Community on and

How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is eclectic. It really depends on where I'm going or what I'm doing. If I'm covering a Red Carpet, its more formal or flamboyant. If I'm hanging out with friends, it could be jeans and a tee shirt. If I'm going out to a club, it could be grunge, wild or nicely casual. I guess I wear a little of everything! HOWEVER!  When I'm at home by myself, I'm usually naked in my birthday suit!

Where do you shop?
I love to shop, but sometimes, due to my size, I have trouble finding clothes off the shelf.  I shop most anywhere, but (living in NYC) I love Macy's but many times they do not have my size in stock. So I've found if I order online, I can get the size I need.  

Follow TYM: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Snapchat: Tym Moss (Man4Another)


Jordan Daniels identifies as a fat queer person of color, fashion enthusiast, storyteller and activist. He first got into fashion when he began following the "#EffYourBeautyStandards" movement and realized that he didn't have to hide his body with his clothes anymore. He began seeing fashion as his expression and an outlet for his creativity. His body image issues began to diminish because he unlearned the constructs of what it meant to have a "Good Body" and realized his body was just fine and he could still slay the game, fatness and all!

How would you describe your style?
I honestly would describe it as versatile and unconventional. I know that's not necessarily style but I don't really adhere to one. I can dress up in more street wear one day, I can preppy the next, then I can do hipster later. I feel like there's a power in that because when you're fat, you're told you can't do any style. Personally, I feel like I can almost do them all. But, if you need me to narrow it down... I'd say preppy-street-hipster.

Where do you shop?
I shop wherever I can find clothes and I usually separate them by types. I get my jeans/pants from either Macy's Woman or other plus size women's store, especially because "Women's" jeans have more stretch to them and are more comfortable than "Men's" jeans. I'll buy tops from ASOS, JCPenny or other online boutiques. When I'm in the area, I always go to The Plus Bus Boutique as well for more clothing options!

Follow Jordan: InstagramFacebookTwitter | LinkedInWebsite

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Kelsey Riley


Kelsey Riley is a branding and marketing consultant who uses technology to tell stories, impact people, and help brands and organizations grow. As a proud HBCU grad and native of the South Side of Chicago, she enjoys giving back to her community and supporting local arts and culture initiatives. She has fortunately traveled around the world through study abroad programs and plans to cross more destinations off her bucket list. She is a proud member of the Beyhive and is also a huge fan of podcasts including The Read, The Friend Zone and more. She dabbles in cooking and baking and likes to try new things. You are likely to find her living her best life in a trap yoga class or getting these coins. 

How would you describe your style?
Functional street style. I am often on the run to different types of events in one day that involve me wearing different hats so I normally wear a fly comfortable shoe and something that may highlight my curves but won't show my sweat and/or keep me warm depending on the weather.

Where do you shop?
I shop at a variety of places including VILLA, Nordstrom Rack, Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Target, Adidas, Torrid, and local stores in Chicago like Akira and Fat Tiger Workshop. I also admire designs from Melody Ehsani.

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Elizabeth Bazile


Liz is a 21-year-old Black queer woman from New York. She has been struggling with her weight her entire life, until she realized her weight wasn't the problem. Society has crippling expectations on what a woman should be and she didn't meet any of them. That made her feel like a failure. When she was 19 she had an epiphany while standing naked in front of her bedroom mirror. She told herself, "People are always goin to find somethin they don't like about you...Fuck is you doing wastin ya time joinin them?" Since then she has learned to be her authentic self. Honestly it ain't easy but she's trying.

How would you describe your style?
Comfortable, fun, and at times whimsical. Lots of crop top and loose fittings pants. 70s 80s and 90s inspired looks.

Where do you shop?
Mostly thrift stores, online shopping, and Forever 21.

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Margot Meanie


Margot Meanie is a plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is known for her edgy style, quirky YouTube hauls and as the founder of the Alternative Curves movement which boasts nearly 150,000 tags and nearly 50K followers on Instagram. Meanie has been blogging for 4+ years and she created #/@AlternativeCurves as a way to celebrate a style that is left of the middle, gothy, punk, and often times queer AF. In addition to blogging, Meanie works as an online personal shopper and stylist with an emphasis on affordability. As someone who falls outside traditional mainstream plus size style, this self-proclaimed witchy cat lady advocates for self love and wants everyone to see that they are magical just as they are!

How would you describe your style?
Hard femme... or, I guess, grown up goth meets not so grown up grunge hipster, haha. Im always looking to mix in more masculine pieces, but I’m still struggling to find the cut of crisp tailoring I crave that fit my curves.

Where do you shop?
100% online, my city of Vancouver is delightfully queer, but disappointingly fatphobic. My favorite online shops are, ASOS, MissGuided, Boohoo, Forever 21, and Universal Standard.

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Tevin Evans or Fat Chuck Bass as he likes to go by, is a Plus Size Male Model, Stylist and Influencer from Brooklyn NY who’s got a passion for living life on the bold side.

Where do you shop?
Right now my go to shops are American Eagle for my jeans they have the best selection, ASOS for just about everything in between, eBay for vintage stuff and Macy’s!

How would you describe your style?
I’d say I'm a chameleon. It’s sometimes preppy, a little sporty and laidback, sometimes a little grungy too. It’s a little bit of all the things that I’ve always liked to wear just elevated!

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Photo by Jaypix

Photo by Jaypix

Tyler Roze Barbosa is an aspiring Artist and writer in Boston. She is currently studying for his associate in psychology with a passion to one day being able to heal and guide people to be their best self through positive psychology and self-expression. Tyler believes that to take on the day, you need to start by expressing and celebrating yourself by the style that adorns your temple of a body. "That Affirms your Unquie Beauty and Do you" — YoungTy

How would you describe your style?
Lately, My style is going towards a growth process where I am developing my mix of 90's Suit and Tie with AFRO-Spiritual. You can see me with a bow tie every so often with charka bracelets and vintage rings all over my arms. Other days you can see me free my Afro out with Heirloom pants and an elegantly flowing shawl. My style changes every couple years or so. I am like a kaleidoscope.

Where do you shop?
I am going to be honest: I shop at Target for my button-up shirts and other cute finds because it doesn't run small like some other brands do. I also find myself shopping at Buffalo Exchange and other boutiques to find vintage jewelry. It's like a treasure hunt — I love it when you see a jewel in the rough. I also love shopping at small-business owned clothing stores when I travel so I can incorporate the new culture to my style.

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Style Profile: Lu Mabusi

Style Profile: Lu Mabusi

Get The Look: Menswear* Spring Basics {Giveaway Inside!}

Get The Look: Menswear* Spring Basics {Giveaway Inside!}