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If you are interested in any of these projects or would like to form your own, email us: We look forward to hearing from you!


Current Projects


The Future is Femme: Fall Boot Edition

Deadline extended!

In our next edition of “The Future is Femme” we are featuring femmes of diverse identities, sizes, ages, etc in their favorite fall boots. Want to be a part of it? 

Email with “Femme Fall Boots” in the subject line by 10/29/18 and include:

1. The name you’d like to use in the piece
2. A few photo of you in the boots - at least one boots close-up and one full body shot
3. Why you like the boots
4. Where you got them
5. 1-2 social media handles you’d like to share (optional)

Can’t wait to see your looks!

Photo: Clarisse Meyer


Queer Palestinians

We are seeking queer Palestinians/ people of Palestinian descent who use style as a means of resistance to feature in an upcoming article.

You are welcome to participate while not having your face in the photos and using an alias instead of your real name!

If you would like to participate, please send 5 photos of your style, a short bio in 3rd person, and the answer to these questions to

1. What have been some of the biggest challenges involved with being queer and Palestinian?
2. How has your queer Palestinian identity affected your style?
3. What is most rewarding about being queer and Palestinian?
4. Where in Palestine is your family from?

Please also send your social media handles, and the name you would like us to use for the piece.

Ongoing Projects

Style Profiles

Note that photo quality is of high importance for style profiles.

To apply for a style profile, please send the following to

  1. 5 photos of 3 different outfits (15 photos total). Photos must include at least one full body shot. Please attach images as JPGs. If you don't have 15 photos, please apply anyway! 

  2. A list of what you are wearing in each outfit, from the top to the bottom of the outfit as such:

  3. Item 1: Brand
    Item 2: Brand
    If you do not know the brand or it was homemade, just explain!

  4. A name for each outfit (eg. Date Night, Lazy Saturday)

  5. The answer to these questions:

    • Where did you grow up & where do you live now?

    • How do you think your friends would define your style?

    • What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?

    • What’s your biggest style challenge?

    • Which literary figures do you most admire? (optional)

    • Who’s your style icon?

    • What pronouns would you like us to use in this piece?

  6. A one paragraph bio, written in 3rd person, which includes where you live and where we can find you online.

Guest Articles

We welcome guest posts from the community. If selected, your piece will be published and our editors may reach out to you for edits.

Please send submissions to 


Pieces can range between 500 and 2,000 words. Please include the text in an attachment in either a word or google doc.


If your post includes images of an outfit, please list your outfit details as follows, from the top to the bottom of the outfit as such:

Item 1: Brand
Item 2: Brand

If you do not know the brand or it was homemade, just explain!


Please include a one paragraph bio, in 3rd person, which includes where you live and where we can find you online. 

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please email

Team Member Positions

We are seeking a new POC team member! To apply, email with: 

1. Some high res photos of your style
2. A statement about what you’d like to bring to Qwear
3. A writing sample

This is a volunteer position, but you will get free clothes and occasional paid clothing reviews. We look forward to hearing from you!

Image Guidelines


Photographs must be sent in JPGs as attachments. Please title images with the name of your piece and numbered in the order that they appear in the piece. (Ex. "My piece 1.jpg")


Images must be a minimum width of 1500 px and a minimum resolution of 150 DPI. 


Please include photographer credit, including the photographer's website, if they have one. If you are using photos that are not your own, please find the source of the image and include it in the caption.


Images must not include any drug use or tobacco products.


If your images include captions, enter them in the body of the email with the image number and caption.


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