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“Qwear provides a crucial platform for the marginalized and too often victimized members of the LGBTQ community. As queer individuals grow into their true identities, Qwear can be used as a trusted guide and safe space for all.”

— Moxie

“Qwear has shown me a huge variety of subcultures, aesthetics, and expressions within a world that I had initially thought was very narrow!”

— Karen Lowe

“For our son to see a community that acts as both a mirror and a window to who is and who he may become is essential to his developing sense of self.”

— Tracey

“Qwear has given me an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level — to better understand their stories and the ways in which their stories align with and diverge from my own. As a result, I’m able to develop empathy, hold and process complexity, and grow my capacity to develop safe and meaningful relationships.”

— Anna Rae