Autumn's Awake, So I'm Awake

I don't know about you but, it's feeling 22...degrees cooler than summer and I'm not even mad. I'm breaking out the Henley's, rescuing knit scars from captivity, and enjoying the crunch of leaves beneath my monk strap shoes. Why, you ask? Because it's FALL. So, in the spirit of the season and (because of the fact that lesbians obviously love park benches) I decided to share with you my long hair, don't care, tomboy-inspired look!

IMG_1885 -1.jpg

Henley: Urban Pipeline at Khol’s
Waistcoat: Topman via Nordstrom Rack
Pants: Mossimo at Target
Shoes: Johnston & Murphy via eBay
Hat: George at WalMart

Photography by Ryan Fryoux Studio

Coming to Qwear This November: Environment Month

Inspired by mother nature herself, this November we are going to highlight brands that dedicate themselves to eco-friendly practices! Stay tuned as we feature our favorite brands including VejaLUSHDeadwoodForageWe Three LeavesBrave GentlemanMoo ShoesVAUTERiz Boardshorts, and Timberland

Can't wait to get started? Follow us on twitter @qwearfashion for exclusive sneak peaks and tweet your ideas at us!

Femme Faetale Photoshoot Casting Call, November 15th

Image from:

Image from:

Calling all trans women and transfeminine genderqueer people of the Boston area!

Qwear is hosting a photoshoot on Saturday November 15th in Boston (Rain date Nov 22), and we are seeking transfeminine people of all shapes, colors, sizes, abilities, and styles to model for us. Submit your most stylish photo for a chance to come hang out with Qwear Founder Sonny Oram and be a part of our first Femme Faetale series photoshoot!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Building Your Wardrobe From Scratch With Frank & Oak

From time to time a reader will write in saying that they recently discovered that they prefer men's clothing, but don't know how to transform their wardrobes on a small budget. No matter what your income level, remaking your entire wardrobe is expensive and daunting. It's a financial struggle for trans and non binary people across the board.

For an experiment I decided to take my new favorite online shopping destination, Frank & Oak, and figure out how much it would cost to get a new wardrobe in 2 years. I got really into Frank & Oak after Blake's review a few months ago they have incredible basics that can be mixed and matched, not to mention that their sweatpants are the most comfortable pants I've ever owned and look totally fly. With their Hunt Club membership you can save a lot of money and try on as much as you need at home and then return them with free shipping, thus avoiding uncomfortable in-store experiences.

Frank and Oak doesn't carry absolutely everything though  like shoes below men's size 7 so I added some items from other brands to complete the wardrobe. Some of Frank & Oak's selection are higher luxury as well, so you can absolutely substitute some of these items for less expensive versions at other stores.

In this experiment I'm pretending that you're literally starting from scratch, that you don't even own underwear, socks, or a winter coat (hey, it happens!) Also, many of you are very clever thrifters and can fill in the blanks with your thrift finds. But this plan gives a general sense of what you'll need for a complete wardrobe and how you can plan to buy it over just 2 years.

So, let's get started with Frank & Oak. First thing you want to do is sign up for their Hunt Club, which is $45 a year. This gives you free shipping and returns on all orders, 4% store credit for every order you make, and points for more rewards along the way. Trust me, it's worth it.

I've built this wardrobe around a climate that has all four seasons at their highest intensity, but if you live in a warm area without cold winters, you can substitute some things.

My Frank & Oak picks:


Hunt Club Membership: $45
3 casual long sleeve button-ups: $45 each
3 casual short sleeve button-ups (seasonal, not currently available): $35 each
2 dress shirts: $55 each
2 pairs of chinos (one dark, one light): $55 each
1 pair of jeans: $75
1 blazer: $175
1 suit: (grey or blue): $300
1 parka: $145
1 light weather jacket: $115
1 cable-knit sweater: $75
1 cardigan: $65
1 zip hoodie: $55
1 pair of gloves: $45
1 professional messenger bag: $245
1 Crew Neck Sweatshirt: $50
3 T-shirts: $24 each
2 ties: $30-$45 each
1 pocket square: $20
1 scarf: $55
1 winter hat: $40
1 cap: $35

Two belts (one brown, one black): $45 each
12 pairs of socks: $9 each
One pair of fashion sweatpants: $75
12 pairs of underwear: $24 for 2
2 pairs of shorts (seasonal, not currently available): approx. $55 each
2 polo shirts (seasonal, not currently available): approx. $18 each

Total F&O before savings: $2,450

Savings: $25 off first order (enter code REFERME25 when you sign up with this link
4% store credit for each order purchased (-$97)

Total F&O after savings: $2,353


2 pairs of dress shoes, one brown, one black: $200 each
1 pair of winter boots: $130
1 pair of sneakers: $80
1 pair of oxfords: $78
1 watch: $135

Total other: $823

GRAND TOTAL: $3,176 or about $132 a month for 2 years

Further savings: 

For every friend you recommend to Frank & Oak, you'll get $25 in store credit. Check out additional Frank & Oak sales on their site and keep your eye out for coupon codes on retailmenot. They currently offer 30% off site wide with the code FNOFIRST30.

Estimated grand total after further savings (sales, referrals, coupon codes):

$2,824 or $117 a month for 2 years

What do you guys think? Do you like what I chose for a capsule wardrobe? Is the final amount less or more than you expected to spend? Leave your ideas and other tips in the comments.

Nicolette Mason x Modcloth Launches Body Positive, Queer Positive Line

You know the excitement you feel when several of your favorite celebrities work together for the first time? That's how I felt when I spotted the photos for this new line by Nicolette Mason and Modcloth, Modeled by Nicolette Mason, Danielle from Everyone is Gay, Gabi Fresh of Gabi Fresh, and Christina of Profresh Style, the line features retro designs in sizes XS-4X. Get 15% Off your entire order with the code YAY15.

My favorite pieces are the Take Charge Charm Jacket and Interprid Attitude Pants that Danielle is wearing. They can be styled so many different ways and look amazing on all body types, and I love the track pants inspiration that they dressed up. Modcloth is unique in that they style pieces on people of varying sizes to demonstrate how the piece will fall on you.

Qweary: Bad Girl/ Goth Style Inspired by Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Pink is updating the bad girl look

Pink is updating the bad girl look

Faith, the bad girl vampire slayer on the left.

Faith, the bad girl vampire slayer on the left.

My friend asked me for some advice about where to shop for her sweetheart, L. The two challenges for L are that she doesn't identify as butch, tomboy femme, androgynous, nor hard femme. She also lives in a warm climate where the leather jackets and thick military boots that make the outfit are often not practical to wear. She said her style icons were Faith from Buffy, Pink, and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

This style combines grunge, goth, and military looks and is great in its versatility of gender presentation. It can be interpreted any way depending on the way you carry it off, with some variation around the cuts of the pieces you choose or whether you're wearing heals verses flat boots.

Girl with the dragon tattoo: Rustic Chic

Girl with the dragon tattoo: Rustic Chic

Conveniently, this look is also great if you're on a budget. Yes, you will need several hundred dollars for few nice pairs leather boots and a leather jacket or two. But everything else can be thrifted, because it's just worn and grungy tees, jeans, and shorts. Lots of retail stores sell the worn look too, and perhaps if you can afford it you'd enjoy their craftsmanship and styles, but there's something really special and personal about finding a worn item that comes with a story beyond the designer's idea.

It's hard to find images on the internet of this style on people who aren't skinny, but it would be fabulous for all body types. If you have any photos to share, please send them our way!

My friend put together this inspiration board for her:

If it gets too hot, I said you can trade out boots for beat-up converse and instead of the jacket, add some leather strap bracelets. Make up will also play a huge role in the look, if that's your thing. Recommended brands are FryeAldoTimberlandCheap MondayDiesel. Here are a few items I picked out to get you started:

What do you guys think? Have any tips for carrying off the goth/ bad girl look?