Treat Yourself with Topman

Around this time of year, I notice that everyone around me (myself included) is really starting to wear down. Being a working graduate student, I have spent September  December fielding calls, planning events, taking classes, writing papers, attending meetings and ... you know, just listing them off makes me tired. Quite honestly I'm exhausted and am in need of some R&R. Topman was kind enough to send me a few things to help me with my "me time."

These Topman drop crotch joggers are my new saving grace. They are incredibly comfortable and I may or not be wearing them right now. The style and cut of the joggers separate them from your average sweatpants and take you from scrub-a-dub to hub-a-hub. 

I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fan but don't love t-shirts, this t-shirt/bomber jacket combo really elevates an old classic while keeping the same old comfort you know and love. I don't just want to be comfortable, I want to look good so that I can feel good. I want it all and with this outfit, I got it! 

Shop Topman for all your R&R needs: 

Stay comfy my friends. 

Bing is 5'7" and wears a Men's Small at Topman. 

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My Favorite Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Shows

Hello everyone! As many of you know, I went on hiatus to have top surgery, and I'm now well enough to start blogging again! Thanks for all the well wishes while I was away. The procedure went smoothly and I'm still sore and healing but I love my new chest so far. According to my dad and Ru, I woke up from surgery with a complete personality change. I started chatting it up with all the nurses, asking them lots of questions about their children and partners and where they are from. Since my voice was still raspy I sounded like a verklempt Jewish grandmother. Needless to say, I'm very happy and relieved to be rid of those tumors. That's my word for them, anyway.

With my amazing Dad and parter Ru the day of surgery.

With my amazing Dad and parter Ru the day of surgery.

Just chilling with my son in the "moat" Ru made for me so I wouldn't roll over in my sleep. She put suitcases and yoga mats under the sheets and zipped me up in a sleeping bag.

Just chilling with my son in the "moat" Ru made for me so I wouldn't roll over in my sleep. She put suitcases and yoga mats under the sheets and zipped me up in a sleeping bag.

While I was recovering I watched a lot of fashion shows. I found it relaxing and it kept me much more zen than my usual routine of scrolling through Tumblr and Pinterest for inspiration. Watching shows gives you a new look at the outfits — you get to see the way they move on the models from more angles.

You also get to watch the progression of the collection as the models introduce each piece. You frame your conception of each piece around what came before it and see it as the part of a whole.

So I thought the first thing I'd do when I got back would be to show you my favorite collections from Spring/Summer 2015:


It probably comes as no surprise that I'd be attracted to a collection based off of high school style based on my preppy school boy aesthetic. AMI Alexandre Mattiussi plays a fantastic homage to high school fashion with clothes for every major clique throughout history: "Preppy," "rebel," ""jock," "class clown," and "most popular boy in school." One of my favorite elements is the sweatshirt wrapped around the waist. So casual and practical, yet adds so much shape.


What I enjoy most about this Calvin Klein show is the way pops of bright color are introduced throughout the sequence to offset an all-beige collection. The colors peaks in in ways you might not have thought; a yellow under coat peaking around the edges of the outer beige layer, or a shiny orange undershirt creating shapes under a beige tee.


Moschino is a definitely a risk-taker, splashing together brand names on a pop-art collection. From an artistic perspective I love what they did with all those logos - from a fashion perspective I would absolutely grab one of these pieces to work into my outfit for an appropriate event!

Hope you enjoy these shows and whatever inspiration they bring you! It's great to be back.



DapperQ's "(un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine" at the Brooklyn Museum



The Brooklyn Museum's "Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe" exhibit has been exploring the rich history of the more commonly considered "feminine" shoes. Displaying elevated footwear from the seventeenth century up into the contemporary, the exhibition examines the "mystique and transformative power of the elevated shoe and its varied connections to fantasy, power and identity." Though fashion at large tends to focus more on the traditionally feminine, style presents a vehicle for many to actualize their identities, particularly in regard to the wide realm of gender. This past weekend, the ever excellent DapperQ, also know as "GQ for the unconventionally masculine", presented an alternative example of "fantasy, power and identity" in their show:

"(un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine."

This incredible show brought together seven visions in fashion to present a new and unique take on what androgyny and masculinity mean in the context of clothing.

The evening started off with mini pop-up shops for several of the brands, as well as a "Dapper Academy" where attendees could learn how to tie a bow tie, how to style with statement socks, and other dapper necessities. The show itself displayed designs by Angie Chuang, Jag & Co., Saint Harridan, Sharpe Suiting, Goorin Bros, Bindle & Keep, and Sir New York. Along with 46 other gender-queering models, our friend and guest blogger Rae/The Handsome Butch walked the runway representing Bindle & Keep tailoring

Sharpe Suiting. Photo by Steve Prue.

Sharpe Suiting. Photo by Steve Prue.

Myself and our other writers well know that it can be very difficult to even find representation of our personal styles in the media, much less in fashion we can actually purchase at a reasonable price. As DapperQ editor-in-chief Anita Dolce Vita said, "Many of our readers' identities have been erased. When there is little in society that represents them, there is often no point of reference for their existence. We work to provide that visibility and space." In the new fashion space that tends to glorify one specific kind of androgyny, real gender non-conforming and untraditionally masculine folks rarely see themselves represented. (un)Heeled proudly bucked that trend, displayed a great diversity in the models and designs on stage, ranging in size, shape, gender, and color, through to traditional *mens style suits, street style, and futuristic androgyny.



In recognition of the struggles affecting another marginalized community and its intersections with our own, Saint Harridan's models walked with Black Lives Matter signs, and the dapperQ production staff concluded the event with Hands Up, Don't Shoot, joined by hundreds in the crowd. We believe that this is an important statement of allyship and understanding in a community that is often divided. 



Perhaps some would say that a fashion show is not the place for political demonstration, but Anita Dolce Vita poignantly stated, "We cannot extricate style from politics in the queer community. Fashion is not just fashion. For some, simply wearing a suit is a radical and political act. dapperQ is a queer fashion revolution, one of the most stylish forms of protest of our generation. We stand in solidarity."

Qwear is proud to be a part of the queer fashion revolution. We also stand in solidarity with our friends at dapperQ and the movement for equal human rights everywhere. We look forward to further exhibitions of queer fashion in the future, and as one of the largest genderqueer fashion shows in the world yet to date, (un)Heeled will hopefully be the first of many. 

Angie Chuang. Photo by March 13 Photography

Angie Chuang. Photo by March 13 Photography

Sharpe Suiting. Photo by Steve Prue. 

Sharpe Suiting. Photo by Steve Prue. 

Eliott Sailors From:

Eliott Sailors From:



©Monet Bernard 

©Monet Bernard 

Song: "Sunday" by Moby (courtesy of Shot by April Maxey Edited by April Maxey & Summer Czajak

I'm Getting Top Surgery Tomorrow — See You Soon!

Dear readers,

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm getting Top Surgery tomorrow. I don't share details of my personal life very often, but this is a huge step that I wanted to share with you all. There's so much to say about the struggles I've had with insurance to get this procedure, and about learning to love myself, that I want to share with you at some point. 

But right now, I'm just feeling so grateful. I'm grateful that I'm getting the medical care I need tomorrow, and that I'll have so many exciting things to look forward to on Qwear when I recover. The closer the surgery date, the more I reflect on my life, about the people I care about, and the values I have. The clearer it becomes to me that I want Qwear to remain the center of my life for a long time.

Qwear probably means something different to each of you for some it's a space to feel safe and respected. For some it's a place to celebrate your community. For others it's a support system, a place to get answers to your questions. Perhaps you just visit every once in a while when you see a cute photo and you want to check it out. No matter what the reason you're here, I'm just glad you are, because this space is whatever we make of it and I'm just glad to be here with you.

Qwear is my creativity, my love, my family. I've worked on so many projects with people I care about. Here are just some photos of the friends I've worked with since founding the blog in 2011:

With my good friend Anita Dolce Vita from dapperQ the summer before last. She's been such a huge support for me as I've waited to get surgery in the past year, and I'm so glad to have met her!

This is my amazing photographer Sam Murray she's basically behind the lens of every shoot you see of me. Her photos have helped shape the way I see and relate to myself.

With Qwear writer Aja/Fit For a Femme. Boy do I miss this weather! We met through our blogs about 3 years ago and have been friends ever since!

Rae/ The Handsome Butch helped me through so much of the surgery process, as Rae recently had the same procedure! This is us on my last trip to New York.

And finally, this is me with my beautiful and brilliant partner Ru on a hike last summer. We've delighted in so many Qwear projects ever since we met back in March, and she always made sure to get me out of the house on great adventures. I'm so grateful to have her in my life looking after me as I recover.

And finally, this is me with my beautiful and brilliant partner Ru on a hike last summer. We've delighted in so many Qwear projects ever since we met back in March, and she always made sure to get me out of the house on great adventures. I'm so grateful to have her in my life looking after me as I recover.

Over the next few weeks my amazing writers will have my back as I recover and you'll be hearing some great things from them. And then before we know it I'll be back writing and modeling again, showing off my new chest and starting new projects.

Anyway, thank you all for being a part of this community, and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when I go transform into the queer I'm meant to be!

If you want to keep up with my recovery, I'll post updates from my twitter account (@sonnyoram) throughout the process for you guys.

Much love, and see you soon,


Style Profile: Melles Tran, San Jose, CA

Like many of my favorite fashionistas, I discovered Melles Tran on Tumblr and I've been hooked ever since. From snapbacks to New Balance sneakers to beautiful maroon palettes. Melles is not only an expert at palette and texture combinations, but at blending in with the surrounding scene. Kudos to Melles' photographer Kristine Lee, whose perspective and framing choices make the outfits and scenes blend together in beautiful synergy. 

Where did you grow up & where do you live now?

I am born and raised from the Bay Area. San Jose, CA is my hometown and where I currently reside. Where I am really influences how I dress. When I was in Davis finishing up my undergraduate degree, I was influenced by folks that were hippie and the crowd that were into streetwear. So I had a mix of wearing rope sandals with socks and Nike Flyknit Trainers without socks.

How do you think your friends would define your style?

I think most would say something along the lines of hipster and masculine. Generally, I dress very practical and comfortable according the season and occasion. I'm most comfortable in gender neutral and androgynous attire.

What’s your favorite item in your wardrobe?  

One thing I wear year round for many occasions would have to be the Uniqlo Oxford. It has a great price point, it comes in multiple colors, and it comes in pinstripe version as well. I like how I can wear it with chinos to hang out with friends but also tuck it in with slacks to wear for a night out. 

What’s your biggest style challenge?  

My biggest style challenge would have to be finding the clothing that fits my body and size without spending a lot. Sometimes I'm in the boys' sale section grabbing the XL. Men's clothing is either too big or too long on me while the boy's clothing may be too small for me. Then it's difficult looking for gender neutral clothing and styles in the women's section.

Who’s your style icon?

I'm more influenced by blogs instead of icons like Street Etiquette, TSBMen, dapperQ, Qwear (of course) to name a few. 

Look 1:
White Henley: Arizona Men
Olive Chino Shorts: Uniqlo Women
Sneakers: Air Jordan Bred 1
Watch: Casio
Tote Bag: Fleabags

Look 2:
Herringbone Blazer: H&M Women
Chambray Shirt: Naked & Famous
Herringbone Tie: Uniqlo
Navy Slacks: H&M Women
Wingtip Oxfords: Allen Edmonds

Look 3:
Striped Flannel: No Name Brand (thrifted)
Denim Vest: Gap (thrifted)
Olive Chinos: Uniqlo Women
Socks: Uniqlo Men
Sneakers: Nike Flyknit Trainer
Tote Bag: Fleabags

Photo credit: second outfit by Melles' brother, first and third by Kristine Lee